Lab, Scan and X-Ray

We provide the following blood and urine lab tests in our hospital:
1. Complete Blood Count
2. Red Blood Cells
3. White Blood Cells
4. Platelets
5. Hemoglobin
6. Blood Glucose

A urine test, or urinalysis, uses a sample of urine to diagnose diseases of the urinary system and other body systems. It is used to check for early signs of a disease or disorder, including infections such as urinary tract infections or kidney infections.

There are many kinds of urine tests that can be used to detect infection, to monitor various inflammatory illnesses and to diagnose complications. Urine tests used specifically to detect the nature of infectious diseases include nitrate tests and white blood cell tests.

A scan is an x-ray procedure that combines many x-ray images with the aid of a computer to generate cross-sectional views and, three-dimensional images of the internal organs and structures of the body. Computerized axial tomography is more commonly known by its abbreviated names, CT scan or CAT scan. A CT scan is used to define normal and abnormal structures in the body and/or assist in procedures by helping to accurately guide the placement of instruments or treatments.

We provide complete scan procedures in our hospital.

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light. In a health care setting, a machines sends are individual x-ray particles, called photons. These particles pass through the body. A computer or special film is used to record the images that are created.

Structures that are dense (such as bone) will block most of the x-ray particles, and will appear white. Metal and contrast media (special dye used to highlight areas of the body) will also appear white. Structures containing air will be black and muscle, fat, and fluid will appear as shades of gray.

We provide X-Ray services in our Hospital.