The following table details the charges for various services,

Package Charges - Surgeries

Surgeries General Ward (Charges - Rs.) Deluxe Room (Charges - Rs.)
Fissure Rs. 8000 Rs. 9000
Hemorrhoids Rs. 9000 Rs. 10000
Fistula Rs. 10000 Rs. 11000
Hydrocele Rs. 7500 Rs. 8500
Hernia Rs. 7500 Rs. 8500
Appendix Rs. 10000 Rs. 11000
Hysterectomy Rs. 16000 Rs. 17000
Caesarean Section Rs. 15000 Rs. 16000
Liposuction Rs. 20000 Rs. 21000
Fibro Adenoma Rs. 7500 Rs. 8500
Mastectomy Rs. 20000 Rs. 21000
Cataract Rs. 8000 Rs. 9000
Lap.Appendicectomy Rs. 16000 Rs. 17000
Lap.Cholecystectomy Rs. 18000 Rs. 19000
Turprostrate Rs. 15000 Rs. 16000

The following minor surgeries and day care procedures are performed in our hospital.
1. Incision & drainage
2. Excision
3. Circumsion
4. In-growing toe nail
5. Biopsy

Charges vary from Rs.1000 to Rs.4000 depending on site and type of Anesthesia. Normal delivery charges is Rs.7000. This is an attractive and economical package designed specially for low income and middleclass group people.
Please note, Blood screening and Serology Charges, Microbiology Tests, Special Drugs, kitbags, Medicines, and diet charges are not included in the above packages. Oxygen would be charged at Rs 50 per hour and E.C.G. monitoring at Rs 125 per hour would be charges extra. Please kindly use this offer and get cures of all surgical problems under one roof.

Room Charges Per Day

Item General Ward (Charges - Rs.) Special Room (Charges - Rs.) Deluxe Room (Charges - Rs.)
Bed Charges Rs. 300 Rs. 400 Rs. 500
Doctor Charges Rs. 100 Rs. 150 Rs. 150
Nursing Charges Rs. 100 Rs. 150 Rs. 150

Investigation and other charges

Registration Rs. 100 (one time)
Consultation Rs. 250
Computerized E.C.G. Rs. 100
X-Ray Rs. 100
Ultra Sound Scan Rs. 400